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Webinar – Making a business case for Information Governance

John Culkin hosted our second webinar, Making a business case for Information Governance.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

It is unlikely that at the top of most organisations list of priorities is a project the will involve most parts of the organisation, require senior staff involvement, detailed understanding of its processes, staff training, reviewing policies that may have been collecting dust on a shelf for years, know what information it keeps, where, why and for how long plus needs lots of help from IT. Yet this is the sort of project you many need to undertake to comply with GDPR.

This is not a little project that can be ignored and carried out in isolation. At the same time it need not be so big and scary it never gets started. It may not even require vast resources but does require time and careful thinking. It’s unlikely to get going if you cannot make a business case for GDPR.

This webinar will help you to start creating a business case to gain support and hopefully budget for the requirements of the EU GDPR.

By David Fathers

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