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Webinar: The Importance of Staff Training and Data Protection Officers

The new EU data protection laws are on the way, but how do you prepare?

Whilst policies and procedures can act as a positive control, people have to act on them and not throw away all the hard work others are doing to protect customer information.

Culture and behaviour are vital but often a last thought when it comes to privacy or data security. The tendency is to look for a technology fix but if someone says something verbally or prints something out and shares it incorrectly. They are hard to prevent other than through people knowing and behaving as they should.

In an age when hacking and data breaches make headlines around the world, people thoughts tend to think of sophisticated hackers sitting darkened rooms. In reality giving information to the wrong people, sending text messages without permission or sending unsolicited mail from out of date sources are increasingly breaching people’s rights. Sometimes they are genuine mistakes, more often than not they are things that staff should be aware of… but often not been told about since joining the company if at all.

Training is a key part of any GDPR preparation. It takes time, resources and careful thinking about. With one year to go until penalties start being issues this webinar will help you understand how training is a key part of your preparation.

By Simon Allen

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