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What type of data will people ask to be edited or deleted when GDPR comes in?

As GDPR gets ever closer, businesses are preparing themselves for the British public to take up their new ‘right to erasure’ and ask for personal data to be edited or deleted.

But what kind of data will they most want to edit? And how likely are they to do so?

A survey by Crown Records Management asked exactly those questions and came up with some remarkable results.

Firstly, 71 per cent of people said they would (either definitely or possibly) ask a company to edit or delete their data when the new regulation comes into force. Only 8 per cent gave a straight ‘no’ when asked.

Additionally, the survey produced a real picture of which kinds of data the public is most worried about – and most likely to want edited.

By David Fathers

Here are the top 13 answers…

  1. Financial, banking and credit card information, 68 per cent
  2. Data held for marketing, mailing lists etc, 66 per cent
  3. Name, address, email address, 56 per cent
  4. Health and medical data, 56 per cent
  5. Basic personal information, e.g. name, address, date of birth, 53 per cent
  6. Credit rating, 53 per cent
  7. Shopping and purchasing history, 52 per cent
  8. Date of birth, 46 per cent
  9. Membership of organisations or political groups, trade unions etc., 45 per cent
  10. Performance history at work, e.g. appraisals, 44 per cent
  11. Sexual orientation, 36 per cent
  12. Racial or ethnic origin, 34 per cent
  13. Criminal record, 34 per cent

Consumer GDPR Infographic

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