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Information audit

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Every day, your data landscape changes. New devices, data types, copying and deleting all serve to create an often-confusing picture. Fundamentally, there is a need to understand how data is being created and used across your organisation.

Information has a lifecycle as it is created, used and eventually destroyed. It is important to understand where each piece of information or record is within this lifecycle.

An information audit helps you and your organisation discover and understand what information you have, its status and possible associated value or risk. This knowledge is valuable and can determine what should be kept, why, where, how to store it, for how long and who is responsible for it.

What are the benefits?

  • A comprehensive report on the current state of information within a part of, or the entire organisation.
  • A data map for where data resides
  • Clarity on areas of major risk
  • Clear, priority ranked recommendations for overcoming problems
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