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Business Knowledge Solution

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Optimised collaboration across your organisation

Making knowledge available is a crucial factor for success. Providing employees with the business information they need is essential to achieve the best possible results. Crown’s Business Knowledge Solution combines all this data into a central, intelligent knowledge database. With powerful interfaces, Crown joins information from different sources and isolated data silos into a company-wide information and knowledge platform across departments.

With Crown, establish a community where your employees support each other, share their knowledge, and drive good ideas forward.

The Benefits

  1. Drive ideas forward together

    Find new solutions across departmental boundaries with the integrated idea management function

  2. Share knowledge

    Collaboration tools enable productive teamwork, allowing users to more easily exchange information

  3. Give feedback

    Let your employees know when good ideas are implemented

  4. Motivate employees

    Create an incentive to share knowledge with a sophisticated reward system

  5. Find information fast

    With the powerful search, you can quickly sift through questions, ideas, and articles, making sure you have access to relevant information in a matter of seconds


Ask questions, provide answers, post, or contribute new ideas – these realms of knowledge give employees many possibilities to participate. Crown’s Business Knowledge
Solution makes sharing and finding (company) insight among employees or individual teams a structured, and extremely efficient process.


Good ideas drive your company’s success. Innovative ideas are in higher demand than ever, not least to remain innovative and competitive. Your own employees are your best source of ideas – after all, nobody knows the requirements quite like they do. However, it’s not just about gathering new ideas, but also actively promoting the innovative process while assessing any proposed ideas. This is why it is essential to find a way to streamline this process for developing and sharing knowledge and suggestions.


Crown ECM is your central knowledge portal, joining and connecting data across your company. Every single employee can contribute their expertise and experience, to the benefit of their colleagues. Crown allows you to tap into experience and ideas, find solutions together faster, and boost your company’s productivity.


With its collaboration functions, Crown’s Knowledge Business Solution encourages employees to contribute new ideas or suggestions for improvement and to share their
insight, giving them a whole new role in helping establish a knowledge and idea platform. Options to provide direct feedback and vote on posts provide a clear indication of which posts are preferred and what ideas should be implemented.

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