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Document Scanning: Maximise your businesses efficiency with our range of effective scanning solutions

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State of the art scanning hardware

Elevate your document management with our high-spec production scanners.

Capture your files up to 600dpi in high quality, true-to-life colour formats. Your files are preserved in immaculate condition, setting the benchmark for uncompromising quality. Rest assured your document management will be revolutionised with our state-of-the-art, cutting-edge scanning capabilities, including:

  • Automated quality control process achieving 99.9% image quality rate.
  • Capable of scanning documents of all sizes from small receipts to A0 files.
  • Versatile Image output options supporting all file formats.
  • Utilising Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) for enhanced searchability and data extraction.

20,000+ Clients worldwide trust us to deliver a first class customer service  

Customer Success Stories

  1. UK Police forces HR department

    Uncover how we were able to revolutionise the UK Police forces HR department. With cutting-edge digital ECM solutions, we were able to streamline communications eliminating manual processes and add value to their workplace protocols. Read More...

  2. French international banking group

    Learn how we were able to aid one of the biggest French international banking groups using our OCR technology to digitise HR records, improving accessibility, GDPR compliance, and saving time, whilst also creating extra office space. Read More...

  3. Imperial Private Healthcare - St Mary's Hospital

    We were proud to work with Imperial Private Healthcare on The Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital to digitize and securely store over 3,000 historic medical records, improving accessibility, efficiency and patient care eliminating the need for physical file storage. Read More...

  4. CHEP UK Limited

    Discover how CHEP UK Limited streamlined their supply chain with our digital solution services, reducing paperwork, improving efficiency, and enhancing their customer satisfaction.

  5. View All Case Studies

FROM PAPER TO PIXELS: Transform your paper documents into digital records for easy indexing and searching

Our Services

With offices in 174 locations, we work with organisations in the financial services, healthcare, legal, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries as well as many public sector organisations. Crown Records Management gives organisations the “power of memory.”

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Document Scanning

The process of document scanning and archiving is essential for organisations wishing to maximise their efficiency. The emergence of this technology has revolutionised the way paper documents can be stored and accessed increasing security, cost and time efficiency and more…

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Streamline your processes with manageable digital solutions

  1. Eco-friendly

    Reduces paper usage, physical storage, and promotes sustainable practices.

  2. Long-term preservation

    Enables secure backup, archiving, and preservation for durable document integrity and longevity.

  3. Space and cost savings

    Converts paper documents into a digital format, reducing physical storage needs and associated costs.

  4. Improved organisation

    Easy categorisation, indexing, and tagging of digital documents, simplifying search, retrieval, and management

  5. Enhanced security

    Digital encryption, access controls, and backups for heightened security, safeguarding important documents from loss, damage, or unauthorised access.

  6. Accessibility & collaboration

    Improves document management efficiency by streamlining workflows and enabling faster access to information.

Our Industry Recognitions: Certifications & Accreditations

Scanning services we use to transform your paper documents into digital files

  1. 1. Bulk

    Bulk scanning, also known as batch scanning, involves the scanning of a large volume of documents in a single batch.

  2. 2. Large Format

    Large format scanning involves digitising oversized documents such as blueprints, maps, engineering drawings, and other large documents that do not fit in standard scanning equipment.

  3. 3. OCR & ICR

    OCR scanning uses advanced software to automatically recognise and extract text from scanned images of documents. ICR scanning is a form of OCR that focuses on capturing and interpreting handwritten text from documents.

  4. 4. Data Utilisation

    Integration of data into relevant categories, automating internal workflows, or to be securely stored.

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