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Document Scanning

The way we use, store, and manage data is changing rapidly

The exponential growth of data being created is growing quicker than ever before, making it more difficult to control and access vital business information.

Crown are one of the UK’s leading go-to partners, proving a suite of document scanning and associated services across the UK and Ireland. We pride ourselves on the high quality we deliver to our clients, and the simplicity we help drive though organisations of all sizes in accessing their vital business information.

Our scanning services support clients in all sectors, whether that be:

  • Enabling police forces to access their officers and employees’ personnel records
  • Helping the NHS to provide patient care in delivering medical records quickly and efficiently, or;
  • Supporting our many law firms in securely accessing sensitive case files so they can continue to work from the office, their home or the courtroom.

The world today is very different, with many companies adopting a hybrid working pattern, but the need to access records securely and in a timely fashion remains

Our purpose of ‘Making it simper to live, work, and do business anywhere in the world’ underpins the importance of our services, and we are proud of how our bespoke solutions deliver many benefits to our clients. Not only in reducing costs, improving data security or removing many hours of labour-intensive tasks, but also driving efficiencies, improving customer satisfaction, and bettering the daily work lives of their employees.

Why do business invent in digitisation and Enterprise Content Management?

  1. Reduction in Costs & Return of Investment

  2. Enhanced Compliance & Accessibility

  3. Operational efficiency & Business Process Automation

Our Technology

Crown’s fleet of high spec production scanners are capable of capturing images quickly and to a very high quality, being able to scan up to 600dpi in Black and White, Colour, or Greyscale.

Our software ensures that a quality control process is in place, reviewing image quality and rejecting images for rescanning where they do not meet our quality standards. This has enabled our 99.9% image quality rate. All scanning is completed under our BS10008 accreditation for evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic information.

We can scan all sizes of documents, from small receipts up to large A0 plans and drawings, proving imaging output in many file formats such as PDF, TIFF and JPEG.
By default, we export searchable documents using our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) server, enabling additional searching tools in finding key data within the content of each file, or the extraction of data from invoices or forms, enabling faster response times to what previously had been a very laborious and costly process.

Our Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) capability means that we can extract handwritten data as part of a scanning programme and our Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) tools enable us to automatically mark paper surveys, tests and exam paper.

Our team of specialists are with you every step of the way, helping you scope the correct programme with our extensive industry knowledge.

Providing you with peace of mind

Our ultra-secure facilities offer assurances that your records are safe in our hands, whether that be in the short term whilst your information is being digitised, or in the long term for any documents being stored as hard copies.

Site specifications include:

  • 24/7 CCTV monitoring
  •  High grade palisade fencing
  • Intruder alarms
  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detector Apparatus)
  • Sprinkler system
  • Flood alarms and access controls


Governance, security and compliance are firmly imbedded in our DNA. Our standard operating procedures, policies, and full range of international quality accreditations provide our customers with the assurance that your information is safe in our hands.

Our Team

Our people are who we are. They’re the key that unlocks our brand values to keep us moving forward into the future. Working at Crown is about collaboration and thought leadership – it’s about embracing our entrepreneurial culture and making your mark, whatever your area of expertise.
Our Crown University programme ensure that teams receive regular training, from Data Protection to Diversity and Inclusion.
Anyone joining our business undergo pre-employment checking, including DBS, Health Check and financial checks, and in some teams our employees are vetted to Non- Police Personnel Vetting (NPPV).

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