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Transform Procurement with Crown’s dependable contracts management solution.

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Digitised Procurement

Streamline your buying processes with Crown’s digital procurement solutions.

Empower your team with the ability to track deadlines, eliminate errors and automate repetitive tasks using a digital solution. Give your procurement team more time to innovate and uncover fresh ways to create value.

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Key Benefits of Digital Procurement

  1. Accelerate Approvals

    Ensure transparency through the whole approval process and help users stay on top of every aspect of contract negotiations.

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    Eliminate Errors

    Digital procurement transformation slashes the risk of data-entry errors and missed deadlines.

  3. Surface Data Insights

    Don’t just archive your data, learn from it. With a digital system, everything from contract status to deadlines can be viewed from a single dashboard.

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    Reduce Paperwork

    Generate contracts, terminations, and other documents at the click of a button, cutting down on the time spent on manual paperwork.

Supercharge Contracts Management with Crown

Keep on Top of Contracts

  • Stay on top of negotiations and deals by automatically notifying users whenever a contract changes.
  • Never miss a deadline again – use an integrated calendar to keep users on track of upcoming cut-offs.

Make the Most of Automation

  • Save time by automatically generating common documents such as contracts and terminations.
  • Automatically calculate when a contract expires, is up for renewal, or needs to be terminated.

Control Spend from Anywhere

  • Allows users to manage the procurement process no matter where they are or what device they’re using.
  • Intelligently utilise QR codes to integrate any physical documents with digital files.

Adapt to The Outside World

  • Ensure that payment plans stay as accurate as possible by tracking and updating external factors such as exchange rates.
  • Intelligently adapt to a changing world by automatically managing approvals based on defined external factors.

Our other digital transformation services include:

  • Business Knowledge Solution

    With powerful interfaces, Crown joins information from different sources and isolated data silos into a company-wide information and knowledge platform across departments.

  • Remote working

    Our mobile solutions offer a wide range of functions allowing you to work anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t matter if you want to capture and file documents while on the go, handle business processes, or you simply need information from your company repository.

  • Business Intelligence

    Crown Data Analytics allows you to evaluate and understand your company’s data all in one place. Connect data from different sources within your Crown system and maintain a perfect overview of your company’s performance.

  • Email Management

    E-mails play a vital role in modern business communications for all markets. With this indisputable fact in mind, Crown offers all the necessary functions for comprehensive e-mail life cycle management (ELM), from simple e-mail archiving to complex e-mail process management.

  • Contract Management

    Efficient Contract Management - Manage and monitor all types of contracts throughout their life cycle.

Powering YOUR Digital Transformation

  1. Crown has been helping businesses manage their data and physical files for over 50 years. We know exactly what it takes to go digital and work hand in hand with you on every step of your digital transformation journey.

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A Guide to Going Digital

Imagine how it would feel to have all your data and content safe and accessible to make life simpler for employees and clients.

Learn how to turn your digital daydreams into reality by downloading the Guide to Going Digital.

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