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File room solution

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Lending our expertise to your premises

Helping you achieve operational excellence, all within your own premises.

The need to manage files does not start once a file goes off-site to your records management partner. It begins as soon as a file is created. From that point onward, until it is ultimately destroyed, it is vital to know where it is and who owns it, who has access to it, and who has seen it.

Our File Room solution uses our specialist, highly trained crew, working from within your own site, to catalogue, manage, scan and retrieve your documents. This solution is ideal for clients who have highly rigorous security requirements, especially if they are not prepared to store files and documents off-site. Instead, we’ll tailor our approach to your circumstances, your own site, and naturally, meet any compliance checks you require.

Injecting new rigour into your file room policies

We work with clients managing their on-site file rooms, reducing the need for everyone to have a filing cabinet and controlling the flow of files throughout the business. Dedicated workstations, desktop internal delivery, regular floor sweeps to collect unused files, provide the cornerstone of the service that we deliver.

The service integrates fully with our external storage services, resulting in our ability to vastly reduce the need for physical space, whilst maintaining the levels of control that are essential.

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