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Our records management services in Botswana are help to structure and manage your data, giving you a clearer picture of your world. We will help you integrate physical and electronic data assets and understand how information flows through your business. We will lead you to developing excellent standards for data governance, mitigating risks and improving compliance.

Discover how to maximise your businesses potential through effective records management

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Digital Services

Use our scanning services to transform your paper documents into digital records for easy indexing and searching. We work with a diverse range of organisations spanning industries such as the financial services, healthcare, legal, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries to enable fast retrieval and added security of your records, all while tailoring our solutions to meet your unique needs.

We know exactly what it takes to go digital and will work hand in hand with you on every step of your digital transformation journey. We cover a wide range of digital services, these are:

  • Scanning solutions
  • Digital Mailroom
  • Digital software: content service solutions, cloud hosting, workflow automation


Use our scanning services to transform your paper documents into digital records for easy indexing and searching.

  • Enhance security through encrypted scanned data and controlled information access.
  • Safeguard your information against the risks of fire, water damage and general deterioration
  • Eliminate the need for re-filling, leading to significant time and cost savings
  • Enjoy swift access to information, ending the tiresome search for documents


Our digital mailroom solution, helps organisations with the tricky task of mailroom management, managing inbound and outbound mail. Here to help your team with the often repetitive and manual tasks of administration and manual data entry through automation and digital mailroom services.

We’ll automate your manual processes, enabling clear communication and processes and reducing time and cost inefficiencies.


CLOUD HOSTING: Our Cloud Services provides scalable support to your business and is customisable to your needs. Store and access your data, content and resources through the cloud instead of costly in-house servers.

WORKFLOW AUTOMATION: This is the process of streamlining manual tasks, minimizing the need for human intervention. Our document management workflow solutions seamlessly integrate with organisations of all sizes to eliminate unnecessary steps within your processes. Reducing errors, enhancing services, faster operations, and overall business efficiency. Our team of expert consultants are ready to assist you with the transformation of your workflows by providing first-class guidance and strategic automation solutions

CONTENT SERVICE SOLUTIONS: These are a range of platforms, components and applications that solve a range of business challenges unique to your organisation, such as sharing and maintaining your day-to-day documents, multiple workflows, processes, and approvals. Our platform integrates with your company’s current systems through multiple methods, such as open APIs and connectors, enabling you to optimise workflow and increase productivity and leaving you more time to focus on driving revenue and supporting the business’s overall success.


Secure Storage

Moving piles of hard-copy records from your offices to an off-site centre may seem herculean, but with our world-class storage facilities, staff and fleet of vehicles, it’s a lot easier than it seems. The term “off-site” sounds like your information is harder to obtain, but with our rigorous classification and cataloguing systems; combined with electronic or physical retrieval on demand through our web portal, those paper records become more accessible than ever before.
Your records are housed in dedicated, purpose-built records centres. Each site operates a strict security policy, with perimeter fencing, 24/7 alarmed premises and staff trained in data protection. Your peace of mind is paramount to us, so our facilities are second to none.

Information Consulting

Our experts in information management can help your organization understand and manage the creation, flow, and lifecycle of data. We will review your business processes to build a robust data management architecture that reduces costs and minimizes compliance risks. Our meticulous process includes creating retention schedules and audit trails to ensure regulatory compliance and peace of mind.

Secure Destruction

You can’t apply the highest security standards to everything you no longer need, it’s impractical. We’ll help you establish what should be securely disposed of and provide you with the means to do it. With decades of experience in information management, there’s no limit to what we can dispose of securely, but there are common risk factors among data formats:

  • Important documents
  • Unused storage media
  • Redundant IT equipment
  • Handsets and phones
  • Disused or faulty products

All our information disposal is audited, meaning you’ll be able to track destruction of something from your desk right until it reaches the facility, after which you’ll receive a proof of destruction certificate.

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