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Digitize your paper documents

Accurately record the history of your files. Digitize handwritten and printed information so that text can be indexed and searched. Scanning documents can digitize them in a few seconds, but digitization technology can do more than that, it can also enable you to archive and share correctly, even handwritten notes.

What effect does digitization have on your data?

  1. Preservation-Electronic files are more convenient than photocopying. It creates a master version from which more electronic and printed copies can be added.

  2. Communication-Digital information is easier to share, compiled into a standard file type format, and can be transmitted to customers and employees immediately.

  3. Searchable-The accuracy of the software that recognizes text, handwriting and form fields has been improved, completely changing file management. Allows us to dig deeper into information that was previously unavailable.

Collect, capture and transform

We will maintain flexibility at all times and build services according to scale requirements: whether it is batch processing or digitizing individual files as needed. The image is usually displayed as a multi-page TIFF or PDF file, but it can also be output to a removable storage device, FTP or network in JPG or PCX format. The file type and size can also be flexibly selected. From business cards to large plans, our employees capture millions of such pictures every day.

Convert formats to get the most value

Digitization technology with character and data recognition function provides more possibilities for you to use the information contained in the file. Our scanning and imaging processes include optical and intelligent character recognition (OCR and ICR), as well as optical mark symbol recognition for documents such as invoices and other forms.

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