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About Us

What makes us different?

As a private company, Crown is not dominated by shareholder interests or the market value of the stock market. We have full control over our long-term strategy. Customers and employees are an integral part of us. Simplicity is our philosophy. Whether it is storing and managing tens of thousands of documents, or providing audit information or workflow solutions, our goal is to simplify the complexity. Integrate your physical and electronic data assets to realize the potential of the enterprise and ensure the smooth transmission of enterprise data. We are a multinational company, and we are closely connected with every country and region we set foot in. Our employees participate in thousands of voluntary work activities every year to support local communities and implement environmental sustainability plans to try their best to reduce our impact on the planet.

Connect with the new digital generation

Paper documents are only part of the calculation. Over the past few decades, the information created and how it is stored and used has increased rapidly. We meet the needs of all parties by developing innovative services to consolidate our leading position. We have now launched a full range of digital services in many countries, ranging from smart document scanning and safe destruction of media data to strict information auditing and tracking. We use professional consulting and information management to ensure that our customers are at the forefront in the increasingly complex regulatory environment of data retention, use and destruction.

The power of memory

We help clients to maximize the value of their “corporate memory” through secure storage, active management, comprehensive risk auditing and smart and timely distribution of information assets.

With experts working all over the world, Crown Records Management Hong Kong offers data consultancy services, helping organizations manage the practicalities, legalities and risks of coping with increasing quantities of corporate data.

State-of-the-art secure facilities

Crown’s new generation of facilities in Hong Kong set the highest standards in security, safety and work-flow efficiency. In over 50 countries, we provide secure document storage and retrieval of information in physical and electronic format, as well as digital imaging, media management and secure data destruction. We provide all of this within facilities that we own and manage ourselves, as we’re here for the long term.

Working with virtually every private industry, including financial services, healthcare, legal, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, as well as many public sector organizations, Crown Records Management gives organizations the “power of memory.”

The Crown Worldwide family

Crown Records Management is part of the Crown Worldwide Group, established in 1965 and headquartered in Hong Kong. Other divisions within the Group include Crown Relocations, Crown World Mobility, Crown Fine Art, Crown Workspace, Crown Logistics and Crown Wine Cellars.

  • The Crown Worldwide Group has offices in over 50 countries, we are loyal to our local communities and the environment. Crown leads a sincere and wide-ranging CSR program, supporting health, education and welfare. In addition, we continually revise our efforts to improve the environmental performance of all our operations.

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