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Enterprise Content Management

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enterprise content management solution from Crown

Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, powered by ELO, enables businesses to effectively capture, store, organise, and deliver critical information to their employees, business stakeholders and customers, through automated processes.

The benefits of enterprise content management go beyond simply keeping track of where documents are located. A content management system also reduces the time, cost and complexity associated with managing documents throughout their life cycle, helping to ensure compliance with organisational record retention policies.

  1. Capture documents digitally
    The journey begins with the scanning, capture, and importing of a company’s content, such as invoices, job applications, and contracts into a secure digital repository.
  2. Store and organise documents in a digital repository
    Crown’s ECM capabilities enable companies to digitally store any business-critical document. This enables users to view or make edits (based on access rights), check how data has been categorised (metadata) and organise documents within folders.
  3. Retrieve documents, regardless of device or location
    Once an organisation’s records have been securely stored, users can quickly find any documents based on full text search, specific words, dates, and users.
  4. Automate document-driven processes
    The next stage on the journey is to automate and speed up certain tasks along a workflow by digitising some key business processes. For example, recruiting and onboarding new employees, or the invoice managing process.
  5. Secure documents and reduce risk
    Our ECM capabilities enable greater compliance by restricting access to folders, monitoring system logins and outs, as well as keeping full audit trails on document creation. Teams can keep information private and secure, even if the same digital repository is being used.
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