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Crown Records Management have followed a progressive sustainability agenda for over ten years. We lead our marketplace in sustainable service provision and deliver social value not only through our positive environmental impacts and employee practices but also by supporting our communities, using our knowledge and experience to drive wider change.

Our 3-pillar strategy sits at the heart of our sustainability journey and underpins all of our operations as a business. Our 2023 Sustainability Report demonstrates our achievements and ambitions for this strategy.

Download our 2023 report!

Our sustainability strategy: the 3 pillars


Our Climate & Environment

Significantly reduce the impact of our operations and services and play our part in tackling climate change, in line with our net zero target.

View our Carbon Reduction Plan here!

Net Zero

Decarbonise Crown UK & Ireland as far as possible against a clear road map towards net zero for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

We have a Net Zero target for Scope 1  and 2 emissions by 2040 relative to a 2019 baseline with interim targets of 45% reduction by 2025 and 65% by 2030. By the end of 2023, we achieved a 52% reduction in these emissions against a 2019 baseline, exceeding our target.

We are provisionally reporting on four Scope 3 categories in our Carbon Reduction Plan. However, we have partnered with the accounting platform, Normative, to help collate, analyse and report on carbon data globally, so these figures are subject to change.

Circular economy

Develop the circular economy philosophy across all business operations through service innovation

We are already successfully delivering circular services, and reducing environmental impacts for our clients, through a number of our brands but we want to roll this out across the whole of UK & Ireland.

We are working with the existing manager-led innovation programs to apply not just circular principles but a full ‘three pillar lens’ to ensure these are reflected in all current and future areas of business innovation.

Natural resources

Minimise consumption of natural resources by reducing usage, maximising reuse, eliminating, wastage and sourcing sustainability.

We have started to build a clearer understanding of our procurement processes, the natural resource impact of our operations, and of our waste handling arrangements.

We will use this knowledge to develop a circular economy policy across Crown UK & Ireland to help drive waste prevention, reduction and reuse.

Responsible Business at Crown UKI

Our commitment to net-zero for 2040: the story so far

Download our group fast facts sheet

Our People & Business

Support and empower employees within and beyond the workplace, benefiting all those who work for us whilst enabling our business to innovate and succeed

Health, safety and wellbeing

Sustain a healthy and safe workplace and have a positive impact on the overall wellbeing of our employees

We have long been committed to prioritising employee wellbeing and have strong foundations in place.

We are reviewing PULSE survey results and seeking best practice recommendations to develop a plan to support employee health and wellbeing in the long term.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Foster a workplace that is inclusive and fair to all employees, and enables us to attract, nurture and grow a diverse workforce that reflects our communities

We want to build on our progress in equality, diversity and inclusion to date and are working to understand the equality and accessibility challenges in our communities.

We are working with our partners to develop a plan to deepen our positive impacts, both internally and externally, ensuring our workforce reflects the communities we operate in.

Employment and skills

Provide training and development, reward and recognition, enabling employees to enhance their skills and reach their potential within their roles and career

We know that, for these three pillars to be central to our business, personal development programmes need to reflect the premise that sustainability is everybody’s role now.

We have developed a training and development plan to drive sustainability knowledge and awareness across the workforce, appropriate to roles and functions.

Responsible Business at Crown UKI

Capturing progress on our people & business

Download our fast facts PDF

Our Partners & Community

Collaborate to understand and meet the needs of our wider communities, and have a positive impact on society

Give back

Recognise the positive impact we can have, beyond our business operations, to support charities and those in need, and empower our employees to volunteer their skills and passions to give back to our communities

All our employees are given two paid days off a year to volunteer with a charity close to their heart. We want to make more of this initiative and to ensure it has a genuine impact.

We also want to go further to support charities, schools and social enterprises. Already operating the very successful Giving Back Project, we are extending this donation initiative and embedding it across all Crown UK & Ireland brands.

Drive the agenda

As we continue to innovate and build a responsible business, share our knowledge and experiences to enable, encourage and support our supply chain and stakeholders

With our progressive and ambitious approach to responsible business, we want to share our knowledge and drive the agenda much more widely.

We will continue to be active members in Business in the Community and feed into the wider industry groups within which we operate to support more sustainable outcomes from collaboration.

Support communities

Create fulfilling jobs and inspiring opportunities, and make meeting wider community needs an integral part of our service provision so that we, and our clients, create extensive social value through our everyday business

We believe that one of the best ways we can support our community is through jobs and opportunities.

As with all our pillars, we want to understand where our communities need our support and build on our existing successes to achieve more. To achieve this, we are working with Business in The Community to develop a social impact strategy.

Responsible Business at Crown UKI

Our work so far for our partners & community

Download our fast facts PDF

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