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Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation is an initiative which uses digital technology to improve business processes and deliver outcomes that meet the needs of customers and obtain more control and visibility of an organisation’s information and data.

By Implementing digital processes, it enables companies to capture, store, organise, and deliver critical information to their employees, business stakeholders and customers through automated, digital means rather than manual, paper-based processes. Information is readily available, in real time, and in context which enables businesses to perform more effectively and make informed decisions.

At Crown Records Management we have spent almost 40 years helping organisations manage increasingly larger quantities of data and physical files. Our Business Process Reviews help define your requirements and build a business case for any Digital Transformation project either departmentally or at an enterprise level ensuring you understand the why before investing in the what. Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite of solutions streamline your processes. Traditional business processes like HR, Accounts Payable or Procurement alongside more bespoke areas of an organisation can all be streamlined utilising the same technology platform.

Integrations to third party applications ensure a complete view of all information in all systems. You do not need to replace existing investment. We work with you to create a fully integrated platform providing one source of the truth.

These solutions reduce human error, improve productivity, and response times, delivering a more streamlined approach, a better customer experience, with greater security and compliance.


Enterprise content management (ECM) is much more than just the digital archiving of documents: ECM is working with living documents and important business data within an intelligent software system. Users can quickly find documents, data, and information of all kinds, link them to workflows, use collaboration tools, and uncover trends with powerful analytic capabilities.
Crown can offer exactly this, and can be at the heart of your IT landscape when it comes to digitalising your company processes. The software integrates with existing systems, ensures more efficient workflows for all departments, and offers a range of technical add-ons to meet all your requirements.

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