Records Management

It may seem like it’s about policies, procedures and paper, but really effective records management starts with people.
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Media Management

Like the money you save regularly, sending data off-site is an insurance against unpredictable events.

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Digitizing handwritten or printed information instantly multiplies the possibilities for using your information.

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Welcome to Crown Records Management Philippines

Keeping business documents and media secure since 1997 in Metro Manila and Cebu.

Our newly constructed 5,000 square meter facility is the most advanced records management facility in Manila. Conveniently located in Laguna Technopark, it is just 45 km south of metro Manila, 45 minutes away from NAIA International Airport and 45 minutes from the central business district of Manila.

The records facility when fully complete, will have the capacity to store one million standard cartons as well as provide areas for secure file management and media storage. 

Features that make this building one of the most advanced records management facilities in the Philippines include:

  • Natural air flow system within the warehouse 
  • Insulated walls
  • Single point entry
  • Centralized security monitoring
  • Secure loading bays
  • International seismic standards for building and racking systems
  • Wireless inventory management


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