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Every organization can perform better by being in complete control of the information it creates, processes, preserves and destroys.

Our aim is to help you maximize the value of your corporate memory through the storage, active management, smart and timely distribution of information assets.

With intelligent and experienced people working all over the world we can support you and your teams with the services you need to discover the power of memory.

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Developing an effective records management system

Records Management is often associated with office filing cabinets and off-site archiving. And more frequently, records are becoming difficult to find, retrieve and dispose of!

Written by Bill Proudfit, on behalf of Crown Records Management, this article examines how creating an effective records management system can help everyone to use records better. In doing so, it considers the roles of people, processes and technology in creating a system that includes both physical paper and digital records. Read more

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records management white
paper: “Rules of engagement”?

Clear and workable policies and procedures are the foundation of a successful records management program. Any attempt to create a records management policy or program requires a thoughtful, careful and collaborative approach.

This article, written by Bill Proudfit, on behalf of Crown Records Management, explains what you need to consider when developing policies for your organization. Read more

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