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Document management

What is a Document Management System?

A document management system can be defined as the process of secure, safe, and organized storing of company records, media, and data at secured centralized locations.

These documents and data are easily retrievable physically or using online mediums.

A document management system is often viewed as a component of the enterprise content management (ECM) systems and is related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems, and records management systems.

It aids document security, access control, centralized storage, audit trails, and more.

Crown Records Management is an industry leader in the field of secured document management services, document scanning and imaging, digital transformation, and secured destruction services.

Our purpose-built facilities are equipped with the capabilities to securely store and manage documents, files, media tapes, and other forms of data.

Each of these facilities possesses a fire suppression system, 24/7/365 CCTV surveillance, manned patrolling, temperature and climate-controlled vaults, and processing centres to carry out data processing activities like imaging, scanning, indexing, auditing, and secure destruction.


Our off-site storage solution for your hard-copy files and electronic documents gives you flexible access to your documents

Moving piles of hard-copy records from your offices to an off-site centre may seem herculean, but with our world-class storage facilities, staff and fleet of vehicles, it’s a lot easier than it seems.

Access and control

The term “off-site” sounds like your information is harder to obtain, but with our rigorous classification and cataloguing systems; combined with electronic or physical retrieval on demand through our web portal, those paper records become more accessible than ever before.

This is achieved through our unique web-based solution called RMOrder.

This enables users to access, create, search, order, retrieve and edit inventory via a web browser. RMOrder can even be customised to enforce key field capture and retention dates, as well as allowing full indexing and searching of your entire archive.

This is what we called a holistic approach to a document management system.

document management systems from Crown Records Management Philippines

Confidentially controlled

Your records are housed in dedicated, purpose-built records centres. Each site operates a strict security policy, with perimeter fencing, 24/7 alarmed premises, and staff trained in data protection. Your peace of mind is paramount to us, so our facilities are second to none.

Putting your needs first

You should always have full control over your information. Your assets are tracked with a barcode system. This tracking method also allows you to monitor a complete audit trail of an asset, from deposit to disposal.

We can send you details on storage, a history of activity, and a comprehensive spend and trend analysis. This granular reporting is built for you, to give you transparency over where your records are, when they’ve been retrieved and when they’re scheduled for disposal.


What are the benefits of using a document management system?

  • Store your critical data in highly secured facilities with manned patrolling and CCTV surveillance.
  • On-site customized file management as per your requirements and circumstances.
  • Temperature-controlled and humidity-controlled vaults for secured storage.
  • Control costs spent on warehouse, inventory or office space to store documents and cartons.
  • Easily access and manage digital information, simplify your workload and yield higher efficiency.
  • Real-time management reports and analysis to help manage your records.
  • Easy retrieval of documents and data using RMOrder.
  • Files are barcoded and then stored making them highly organized. Retrieval of even a single barcoded file is possible instead of retrieving an entire carton.


Document management solutions from Crown

  • Online report & tracking – With our DMS solution your physical and digital documents are stored in such a way that they are always easily accessible when you need to use the information. Crown’s customer centre allows all tracking of information to be done online via the Crown Records Management website.
  • File room solution – Our File Room solution uses our specialist, highly trained crew, working from within your own site, to catalog, manage, scan, and retrieve your documents. This solution is ideal for clients who have highly rigorous security requirements, especially if they are not prepared to store files and documents off-site. Instead, we’ll customize our approach as per your requirements
  • Media Storage – At our primary strategic locations, the vaults in which media is stored and the vehicles used for transportation, are temperature and humidity-controlled. These are purpose-built with extra fire-rated construction, complete with fire suppression systems and CCTV surveillance. You also have complete access to track and trace the movement of your data.
  • Carton Management & Storage – When you store your business information off-site, you want to know it is secure and accessible. We deliver a professional, managed service which gives you complete confidence in the safety of your hardcopy documents. Stored in our highly secure facilities staffed with trained specialists, you save critical space in your office while having seamless access to your information. We take care of transporting them and storing them in our own secure warehouse facilities. The cartons are barcoded, with all relevant data being stored in your own Information Management System or Crown’s RMOrder system.
  • File management – With File Management, we consult with you to establish your exact needs and then barcode each of your files according to your specification. This provides a far more accurate methodology for managing individual files and enables retrieval of individual items rather than complete cartons of files; reducing the potential risk in retrieving a whole box when you only need to access one file.
  • Image Hosting – By using a network of secure, encrypted cloud storage and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), your high-resolution images are guaranteed to be accessible anywhere in the world, with various access restrictions that one would expect, while making sure it complies with the most stringent safety standards.
  • Vault Storage – Our premium vault storage solution is suited for highly confidential documents such as wills, deeds, and certificates, as well as backup computer media. Housed in our state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities, these vaults come with advanced security and environmental systems to preserve and maintain your vital data.


We understand the need for securely storing your crucial data and having instant access to your information.

Our Document management systems offer secure and customized solutions for your document management needs. Our solutions also allow for easy tracking and traceability of your storage with an option for quick retrieval using Crown’s RMOrder.

We are an extraordinary and purposeful business committed to making it simpler for our clients to live, work and do business anywhere in the world

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