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Fieldfisher LLP transfers 650,000 files to Crown Records Management

Fieldfisher LLP is a full-service European law firm with market-leading practices in technology, financial services, energy and natural resources and life sciences. Its network spans over 1,700 people across 25 international offices in 11 countries.

The firm awarded a 13-year records management contract to Crown Records Management.  With very active file retrievals from its offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Dublin, Fieldfisher required an operational ‘OpenFile’ system to deliver its needs on a daily basis and sometimes urgently, backed by communication and flexibility.

The transfer task of some 650,000 files was immense, with the need for a smooth filing and retrieval system being paramount.  The main concern throughout the 3 month project was the ability to access any file at any time i.e. a continuous flow of service during the transfer from the outgoing supplier to Crown Records Management, thus maintaining ‘Business as Usual’.

To ensure a smooth execution of the project, Crown appointed a project manager, a receiving warehouse co-ordinator and a team to collect and a team to receive and refile Fieldfisher’s assets.  A permanent ‘implant’ was also included at the London office to co-ordinate retrievals, refile, and new files added to the flow, liaising with Fieldfisher Facilities team who oversaw the project.

Each file’s barcode was captured at each stage of the transfer, providing a live up to date inventory to facilitate retrievals and reconciliation of the daily transfers.  All exceptions were reconciled immediately keeping a true and accurate database.

Not a single file was lost, and the project was completed as planned.

Commenting on the project Fieldfisher’s Operations Director stated:

Crown’s customer service is excellent. I cannot recall a single issue or problem since we began our relationship.  The skill was in transferring everything to their storage facility and having the procedures in place to receive things in bulk and then refile them perfectly so that we can retrieve files when needed.

Operations Director, Fieldfisher

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