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Electrotherm India


Electrotherm (I) used to receive hundreds of ‘bills payable’ documents on a daily basis. Since these documents were in a physical form, several challenges used to arise while handling these documents. These challenges could be classified as:

  1. Tracking – Tracking of physical documents was a huge challenge because of the sheer amount of human effort it required and the physical space needed to store these documents. Also, whenever a document was required for reference, there was difficulty in tracking it because of the lack of accessibility.
  2. Real Time Status – It was difficult to get a real-time status of bills, both approved and ‘in-process’, at any given time or if the management demanded the same. During such an event, manual reports had to be generated, which came with the possibility of human error. As a result, 100% accuracy in such reports was a remote possibility.
  3. Vendor Relations – Vendor relations were at stake because of delays, difficulty in managing bills processing, and inaccurate reports.

The solution

Crown Records Management helped Electrotherm (I) Ltd. to make their entire paper process, digital. Our Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) allowed Electrotherm (I) Ltd. to efficiently capture data, attach documents/bills and get all the approvals from a single application. EDMS helped Electrotherm (I) Ltd. to manage thousands of bills received each month effectively and securely.

The outcome:

Electrotherm (I) Ltd. can now easily retrieve details of all the claims in just one click. All the documents/bills received are automatically uploaded to the system, minimizing the process of manual upload of documents. The documents are then digitally passed through series of approvals, eliminating the chance of losing the documents in transit.

All the reports required for internal or external audit purpose can now be generated with a simple click.

Auto-emails are generated for the stakeholders, informing the case status at each and every stage of the workflow.

Electrotherm (I) Ltd. can also comply with changes in the e-Forms/workflows as per their requirement, through the front end.

The EDMS solution is built on open source technologies, which makes it cost effective. The application is currently accessed by 50 users, and through its successful implementation has now a scope to add another 50 users in a separate unit of the company. The entire solution is totally flexible and scalable making it a solution cut out for Electrotherm (I) Ltd.

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