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We help solve problems. Whether that's rehousing priceless libraries, storing irreplaceable legal documents in climate-controlled conditions or reducing your organisation's exposure to data risk. See how broad our work is below.


Automated rule-based workflows from Crown Records Management allowed Condé Nast to configure their vendor invoice & expense reimbursement approval rules based on 75+ different business scenarios. Our solution boosted savings for Condé Nast by $30,000 annually, alongside a reduced dependency on paper by up to 100,000 sheets.

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Biostadt India

To bring all the units of the vendor invoice approval process on a comprehensive platform and initiate a seamless process, Crown Records Management offered its extensive workflow solution to Biostadt.

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Karamtara Engineering

Karamtara is an engineering, manufacturing and technology company which was incorporated in 1996. Since then Karamtara has evolved as a leader in the Transmission and Distribution (T&D) segment of power sector. The company engaged our services to provide electronic document management solution across all their departments and locations.

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Conduent India Labs works primarily on emerging technologies in mobile and IoT, machine learning and statistics, human interactions and experience design, blockchain and AI for global customers. The company operates out of eight cities in India. The company engaged our services to implement an end to end solution for managing their employee records.

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Entertainment Network India Limited (ENIL)

ENIL operates in radio broadcasting under the brand “Mirchi”. It is the No. 1 radio station in India with more than 63 million listeners across the country. It was the first Indian radio brand to go international with the launch of the brand in the UAE in 2012. ENIL engaged our services to implement an effective HR document management system to digitise employee records bringing in efficiencies associated with digital information management practices.

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Established in 1988, Hikal is a reliable partner to companies in the pharmaceutical, animal health, biotech, crop protection and specialty chemical industries. The company offers pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. The company has operations in India, Europe, the United States, Canada and South East Asia. The objective of engaging our services was to digitise the Research & Development (R&D), Quality Assurance (QA) and production documents stored across their plant locations and to gain visibility into digitised documents by implementing an effective digital information management system.

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