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Karamtara Engineering


Karamtara is an engineering, manufacturing and technology company which was incorporated in 1996. Since then Karamtara has evolved as a leader in the Transmission and Distribution (T&D) segment of power sector.

It is the only player to offer one stop solution for most items in T&D segment in the world of manufacturing transmission line and telecom towers, high tensile and mild steel fasteners, OHTL hardware fittings & accessories, hot rolled HT & MS structural steel and solar structures.

From a single manufacturing unit at inception, it now has eight manufacturing facilities in India and Italy.

The company engaged our services to provide electronic document management solution across all their departments and locations.


  • Karamtara didn’t have a centralized repository for documents pertaining to various departments and plant locations.
  • Some documents were already digitized but stored in unstructured manner over various drives or folders created over local systems.
  • Majority of the documents were available in hard copy format at respective plants/manufacturing units or office locations.
  • These files were physically retrieved every time a file needed to be accessed. Since document level tagging was not done, entire files had to be retrieved for getting a document.
  • Real time access to the documents was a concern.
  • At the time of audits or any internal requirement, the documents had to be searched then scanned and eventually shared via mails. This was a time consuming and inefficient way of retrieving documents.
  • Role-based access management wasn’t possible.
  • Tracking & monitoring the actions made on digital records wasn’t possible.


  • Crown implemented a web-based digital document management system to provide an end to end solution for managing documents right from collection of data generated on various application to scanning, uploading and storing in the DMS.
  • Department-wise and location-wise folders were created in the DMS.
  • After consultation with every department, document types were created in the tool along with the fields that will assist users to search the documents and pull reports from the DMS.


  • A web-based application allows users to access the application from anywhere in the world, thereby providing a real time access to documents.
  • A central repository created for documents belonging to various departments, plants and office locations.
  • Only authorized users can access the documents pertaining to a department or location.
  • Access control provided at document level to provide restricted access to confidential documents.
  • Reduced/ eliminated the practice of physical retrieval of documents.
  • Eradicated sharing of documents via mail with users now having access to the DMS.
  • Improved collaboration and sharing of documents internally or with auditors.
  • Improved efficiency of operations through faster access of records available on DMS.
  • Complete audit trail of every action taken by user is captured in the DMS with date and time stamp making tracking and monitoring more efficient and easier.
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