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Data preservation

Data is everywhere, management is key

Electronic information can sit within your organisation’s data ecosystem for years. Since their creation, it will be more than likely that your business will have been through various system upgrades and the file formats will now be obsolete and your ability to access the information will be severely restricted, if you can open the files at all. Not only can this create significant disruption to your working practices when you require older files, it means you don’t have oversight to what’s housed on your servers.

Data preservation services bring all that data and associated files into up to date formats. We’ll look at all the software, data types and file types you’ve been using over a period and establish a data preservation plan to convert all your inaccessible files into new, manageable formats.

Active digital preservation

Active digital preservation is about ensuring that your vital information is always accessible in the latest, current, version of the software so that you can always review it. It protects companies from application obsolescence and makes sure that your data is safe for the very long term


  • Respond quickly to information requests.
  • Ensure integrity and usability of records and assets over decades.
  • Protect confidentiality and meet privacy obligations.
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