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Scanning & Imaging

Capturing Value In Digital Scanning for SMEs

COVID-19 is one of the biggest humanitarian crises in history and it has taken a...

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Digital Transformation

Removing Complexity: New Solutions for Information Management

There’s still time to digitally transform the way your organization manages records. The big question our clients are asking right now is: When is the right time to go digital and how do we start?

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Scanning & Imaging

OCR & ICR in different industries

Leveraging on technologies has opened new opportunities for businesses. The pace of adoption has been...

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Document Scanning

The past and future of OCR technology

If you’re using a document scanner, you have probably heard about Optical Character Recognition (OCR)...

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Document Management


Record management has very often been perceived as filing and storing of documents which are not actively used in an organisation’s daily operations. It could simply mean packing these documents into boxes and causing a lot of headaches in space management at one’s office premises

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