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Document management

Our off-site storage solution for your hard-copy files and electronic documents gives you flexible access to your documents

Moving piles of hard-copy records from your offices to an off-site centre may seem herculean, but with our world-class storage facilities, staff and fleet of vehicles, it’s a lot easier than it seems.

Access and control

The term “off-site” sounds like your information is harder to obtain, but with our rigorous classification and cataloguing systems; combined with electronic or physical retrieval on demand through our web portal, those paper records become more accessible than ever before.

This is achieved through our unique web-based solution called RMweb. This enables users to access, create, search, order, retrieve and edit inventory via a web browser. RMweb can even be customised to enforce key field capture and retention dates, as well as allowing full indexing and searching of your entire archive.

Our latest platform, RMbridge, goes one step further and can offer full integration with your own file room software. This allows you to view multiple data sources through a single global portal.

Confidentially controlled

Your records are housed in dedicated, purpose-built records centres. Each site operates a strict security policy, with perimeter fencing, 24/7 alarmed premises and staff trained in data protection. Your peace of mind is paramount to us, so our facilities are second to none.

Putting your needs first

You should always have full control over your information. Your assets are tracked with a barcode system. This tracking method also allows you to monitor a complete audit trail of an asset, from deposit to disposal.

We can send you details on storage, a history of activity and a comprehensive spend and trend analysis. This granular reporting is built for you, to give you transparency over where your records are, when they’ve been retrieved and when they’re scheduled for disposal.

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