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Document Scanning By-The-Box

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Our scan-by-the-box services are a fast, simple way to turn your physical documents into intelligent digital files that you can search and securely share from virtually any device.

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What’s Included?

For a flat fee of AED 295 + VAT per box, you will receive:

  • Crown Records Management Storage box (14”x12”x16”)
  • Scan to PDF at 300 dpi (A4/A3 documents only)
  • 1 x Indexed field (PDF name)
  • Up to 1800 pages/images per box
  • Secure link to download your data
  • Free Pick-up within Dubai

Then, simply choose one of four options for your physical documents.

Return, Recycle, Shred or Store

  1. Facility Icon

    Option 1: Scan & Return

    We will collect, scan, and return your documents to you safely.

  2. Option 2: Scan & Recycle

    We collect, scan, and sustainably recycle your documents.

  3. Option 3: Scan & Shred

    We collect, scan, and securely destroy your confidential documents in-house.

  4. Option 4: Scan & Store

    We collect, scan and securely store in our Records Management Centre*. *Annual storage fee of AED 60+VAT applies

Additional Services:

  • Index of additional field (AED 0.25)
  • Data on Crown USB Drive (AED 25.00)
  • Security Seals (AED 5.00 per box)
  • Additional scanned images (AED 0.18 per image)
  • Colour scanning (upon request, additional fees may apply)
  • Other sizes/file formats (upon request, please contact us for a quote)

Service Time:

  • 1-5 boxes – 3 business days
  • 5-10 boxes – 6 business days
  • 11-20 boxes – 10 business days
  • 21+ boxes – upon estimate

Why Choose Us?

  1. ✓ Clear pricing – one flat fee, no surprises

  2. ✓ Fast, efficient turn around

  3. ✓ Global knowledge, local expertise

  4. ✓ Confidentiality guaranteed

  5. ✓ Barcode tracking for precise document control

  6. ✓ Secure, access-controlled Records Management Centre



Why Switch to Digital?

Even in today’s digital world, running a business requires you to keep large volumes of data, and most of it is still on paper. Not only is this an inefficient and insecure method of storing information, but it can also be a significant drain on resources and take up precious square footage in storage requirements

Moving from physical to digital data storage can transform your business, not only allowing you to seamlessly search and manage your data but also providing many other benefits:

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  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced Security & Prevent Data Loss
  • Increased space
  • Better Customer Service


Digitizing your office can feel like an overwhelming task. Our scan-by-the-box services are an excellent option for organizations looking for a low-cost, no-commitment option to start getting digitized.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to scan one box?

Our scan-by-the-box services start from AED 295 + VAT per box, with additional bolt-on services available:
–         Index of additional field (AED 0.25)
–         Data on Crown USB Drive (AED 25.00)
–         Security Seals – AED 5 per box
–         Additional scanned images AED 0.18 per image


Will Crown provide the box, or can I use my own?

What size of document can you scan?

Can documents with multiple pages be scanned into one file?

How do I prepare my documents for scanning?

Can you handle confidential information?

If I scan my documents, how will I be able to find them?

What happens to my documents after they are scanned?

Have additional questions? Contact our expert scanning team today who will be happy to help: Email us at

Scan-by-the-box service

Book your box

We are here to answer any question you may have, whether that’s wanting to understand more about our scan-by-the-box services, getting a specific quote or simply clarifying what other services we offer.