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Onsite Records Management

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Crown Records Management Malaysia’s Onsite Records Management services offer efficient management of client’s on-site file rooms with a skilled team, eliminating the need for individual filing cabinets and providing streamlined file flow throughout the organization.

Identifying the records to be managed

This involves identifying the types of records that need to be stored and managed onsite, such as financial records, legal documents, or customer information.

Setting up storage and organization systems

This involves establishing a system for storing and organizing records, such as using file cabinets, storage boxes, or a computerized system.

Storing the records

This involves physically storing the records in the designated storage area, following any necessary security protocols.

Retrieving the records

This involves having a system in place for quickly and accurately retrieving records when needed. This may involve the use of a computerized system or manual filing system.

Maintaining and updating the records

This involves regularly reviewing and updating the records to ensure that they are accurate and current, as well as maintaining the storage and organization systems.

Disposing of records

This involves following any necessary procedures for disposing of records that are no longer needed, such as shredding or destroying physical records or deleting electronic records.

Key Benefits of Onsite Records Management

  1. 1. Increased efficiency

    An onsite records management system can make it easier to locate and retrieve records when needed, which can save time and improve productivity.

  2. 2. Enhanced security

    Onsite records management can help to ensure the security and confidentiality of records by controlling access and protecting against unauthorized access or tampering.

  3. 3. Improved organization

    An onsite records management system can help to organize records in a logical and consistent manner, which can make it easier to find and retrieve records when needed.

  4. 4. Reduced risk of loss or damage

    Onsite records management can help to reduce the risk of losing or damaging records, as they are stored in a secure and controlled environment.

  5. 5. Compliance

    Onsite records management can help a facility to meet regulatory requirements and ensure compliance with laws and policies related to record-keeping.


Crown’s Onsite Records Management services are fully integrated with our external storage solutions, enabling significant reduction in physical space requirements while maintaining optimal control levels.


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Crown Records Management is an industry leader in the field of secured document management services, document scanning and imaging, digital transformation, and secured destruction services.

Our digital document management solutions cater to your process automation and digitisation needs while seamlessly integrating with your existing ERP systems.

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