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P-file Management


From sick notes to parental leave documents, and even pension certificates, and large volumes of sensitive documents, Crown Records Management Malaysia’s Personnel File solution securely stores all employee records in a single digital location, allowing easy access and managing employee data a breeze.

Secure Centralized Storage

Having all employee records stored digitally in a centralized location allows for easy access from anywhere, while also providing a secure storage solution for sensitive employee information. This ensures that unauthorized access and data breaches are prevented.

Automated record-keeping

Helps in reducing errors and saves time for HR personnel. By keeping track of important employee information, organizations can avoid the risk of mistakes that can lead to legal or financial problems. It also allows HR personnel to focus on more strategic tasks.

Reporting and Analytics

This helps improve decision-making and identification of patterns in employee records. Access to meaningful insights and reports enables HR personnel to make informed decisions about various aspects of employee management leading to more effective and efficient HR practices.

Integration with HR Systems

Integrates with other HR systems, such as HRIS, payroll and benefits management, to provide a seamless experience for HR personnel. By consolidating all HR-related documents into a single system, HR teams can improve their efficiency, reduce errors, and experience enhanced compliance.





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  1. 1. Increased Accessibility

    Facilitates hybrid working allowing HR personnel to access employee records and perform HR tasks remotely, making it simpler for employees to work from anywhere.

  2. 2. Enhanced data accuracy

    Helps to eliminate errors and inconsistencies that can occur with manual records-keeping, leading to better decision-making.

  3. 3. Improved data security

    Allows HR to control access to records and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive employee data.

  4. 4. Streamlined compliance

    Helps HR to comply with regulatory requirements, such as records retention and privacy regulations, and provide a more efficient way to respond to audits and legal requests.

  5. 5. Improved reporting and analytics

    Help HR personnel to identify trends in employee data, enabling data-driven decisions that can improve workforce planning and employee management.

  6. 6. Digitized P-file management

    Eliminates the need for physical storage space, such as filing cabinets, thus reducing the cost of physical storage and freeing up valuable office space.


With Crown’s P-file management system, you can streamline HR processes and focus on what truly matters: your workforce.

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Crown Records Management is an industry leader in the field of secured document management services, document scanning and imaging, digital transformation, and secured destruction services.

Our digital document management solutions cater to your process automation and digitisation needs while seamlessly integrating with your existing ERP systems.

If you want to learn more about us click on the contact us icon below, and our experts will reach out to help you.

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