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Secure Management of Legal Files for a Leading Medical Organization




Abu Dhabi & Ajman, UAE

Services Provided

  • Multi-Location Collection
  • Chain of Custody Secure Transport
  • Secure Storage
  • Indexing with Image Support
  • Full Inventory


Our client is a prominent medical organization operating in the United Arab Emirates, known for delivering high-quality healthcare services. With a significant focus on patient care and legal compliance, the organization handles a vast amount of sensitive legal documentation critical to ongoing cases and regulatory compliance.

The client’s challenge

Our client needed to securely transport over 7,000 cartons of legal files from multiple locations in Abu Dhabi and Ajman, ensuring security, transparency, and efficiency throughout the process. They required meticulous document indexing within a tight timeframe to support ongoing legal proceedings and regulatory requirements. Additionally, the client mandated access to these files on an ‘as-needed’ basis, necessitating a robust storage solution with controlled access protocols.

The solution

Crown Records Management provided a comprehensive solution tailored to our client’s needs. We executed a multi-location collection in two Emirates, ensuring a seamless and secure process. The transport was secure and fully transparent, employing a rigorous chain of custody protocols to ensure the integrity of the documents throughout transportation.

The transport involved moving 7000 cartons swiftly, freeing up valuable real estate for our client. Upon arrival, our team initiated the indexing process with image support for accuracy and efficiency. This indexing facilitated seamless retrieval for ongoing cases and compliance requirements. Furthermore, we provided isolated, dedicated, secure storage, ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information. Each carton was re-boxed, barcoded, and indexed before secure storage.

The results

By partnering with Crown Records Management, our client addressed space constraints and met objectives efficiently. We enabled seamless navigation of legal proceedings and regulatory obligations with transparent custody and meticulous indexing. Our solution provided flexibility and reliability, with quick turnaround times and on-demand access.

Crown Records Management remains committed to supporting our client’s evolving records management needs. As a trusted partner, we stand ready to collaborate further, leveraging our expertise to drive success and compliance in the medical industry.

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