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‘The Hotel for Records’ – How to manage your invoices in the UAE

In 2018, VAT was introduced in the UAE, meaning many large hotels started to use storerooms, equipment rooms, and empty spaces to store their invoices.

After some tough years and cost-saving requirements, many hotels in the UAE have now had 4 years of generating upwards of 500 invoices per day, very quickly filling valuable space that could generate revenue; not be wasted storing documents.

Crown Records Management has opened its own ‘Hotel for Records’, and now supports many of the leading hotel brands in the ever-growing hospitality sector, often reducing cost and increasing administrative productivity.

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How we can help

Finance documents in the UAE need to be kept for several years, and during audits, physical copies can be required. Storing and managing such vast volumes is time-consuming, and without proper management of who had a file when and where is it now, it’s almost impossible for staff to locate documents in a short space of time.

This is where Crown Records Management can help:

  • Critical business documents can be securely removed from the hotel for safe keeping in our purpose-built facility.
  • Crown will build an index for the files and documents for ease of future retrieval and develop retention profiles to enable future destruction of documents being managed.
  • Digitisation of some documents in the UAE are not acceptable, but as progress is made, Crown is supporting customers with image scan & digital management solutions.

Keeping invoices in the property can increase the risk of fire and pest control issues simply by storing vast amounts of paper with little or no management, and data protection can be extremely compromised due to a lack of access control of guest details.

So far, clients have improved the management of documentation, saved time on finding documents for audits, and much more.

The available space allows better management of other hotel storage requirements that had been ‘left in the corridor’ for far too long and in some cases this space has generated revenues for the hotel simply by making the space available.

Hear below from one of our clients on how we helped them:

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