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Ten worthy motives to get your physical data scanned

Businesses have lately a lot of motives to digitise information, whether it is to save paper and time or to make their records more accessible or to aid GDPR compliance.

The easiest solution for many companies is to scan paper records in order to produce a digital version. Modern document scanning is very cutting-edge technology and provides a lot of information, is much more than just a scan of the physical record. In fact, intelligent software, like OCR technology, can copy text or handwritten documents and make them editable and searchable.

Here are 10 top reasons to scan physical records in your company:

1. It makes it easier to manage records and to be GDPR compliant

GDPR gives EU citizens the right to request for their personal record to be edited, and removed. Scanning makes this process quicker to find files and easier to manage records.

2. It saves space office

Using office space to store business records is expensive. Scanning your records frees up space so it can be used to generate business for the company.

3. It saves money

Paying for physical record to be stored outside your office space in warehouses can be an unnecessary cost.

4. It develops staff collaboration

Staff in multiple locations can access and work on electronic files at the same time. Scanning documents make it easy to share and collaborate on tasks.

5. It increases security

Protecting hard copy information is really difficult. Scanned documents can be password protected, encrypted and safely stored in the cloud. It also has the possibility to assign access levels to specific users and track all file activity.

6. It helps audit compliance

Compliance is a priority for most companies. Document scanning makes it easier to fulfill its legal and regulatory obligations.

7. It decreases paper clutter and helps being environmentally friendly

Paper clutter doesn’t have to be the norm in the office when physical data is scanned. It can benefit the environment, too. According to the Paperless Project, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year!

8. It develops better customer service

If you have customers in more than one region, document scanning lets you get important information to your clients faster.

9. It saves work time

Scanned documents can be retrieved quickly and easily without having to leave the desk.

10. It reduces disaster recovery

Paper documents are especially susceptible to fires, and other natural disasters. Fortunately, document scanning offers faster disaster recovery for your business. Digital data can be backed up or protected electronically with an e-vaulting solution.

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