Tips for keeping information breach-free

Organizations around the world continue to fall victim of data breaches at the hands of criminals. Tips for keeping information breach-freeLoosing sensitive company information damages reputation and causes financial suffering.

These simple steps will ensure companies' data is managed and disposed of securely: 

Reduce human error 
Ensure all employees understand what is expected of them and the consequences of not protecting sensitive data are fully understood. 

Update policies 
Regularly review company data protection policies to ensure they comply with current legislation.

Lock sensitive data
All paper files and media devices containing sensitive information must only be accessed dependent on permission levels.  

Dispose data securely
Implement a "shred all" policy and remember to wipe information from all electronic devices before destruction.

Password protection
Remind employees to regularly change passwords. 

Data encryption
 Locked data secures privacy, encrypt all devices including back up tapes and laptops.

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