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Digital scanning & imaging

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Scanning and Scan-on-Demand

  • Request processing – item identification and verification
  • Document preparation – unbinding, document separation
  • Scanning and text extraction – OCR/ICR
  • Quality assurance and output – accuracy check of images, PDF/TIFF hosted for secure access or delivered FTP


Increase efficiency with document preservation. Crown Records Management scanning and imaging services can help improve workflow and document access – anywhere, anytime.

Documents held in paper archives, typically in boxes in your store room, can be a regulatory and compliance headache for some organizations. When you need to retrieve something often, time is of the essence.

However, a wholesale digitization of everything you hold could be costly and may be unnecessary. Why scan all documents when you only need to access a few?

Our scan-on-demand service is convenient – saving time on retrieving paper documents from store and making it easier to share vital information when you need to.

Benefits of securely scanning your business critical documents include:

  • Record retrieval from your desktop
  • Eliminate the concern associated with locating original documents
  • Direct e-mail capability
  • Improved response time – improving customer service
  • Simultaneous access for multi-user, highly active document types
  • Fully HIPAA compliant

When you’re ready to scan your documents, contact us for a free quote. Contact us

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Access to your business critical information when and where you need it.  Now serving the following industries: Banking, Energy, Healthcare, Legal, Library, Retail, Insurance, Hospitality and more…  Contact one of our records management professionals today.