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Secure destruction

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Effective and secure document and data destruction solutions

It is vital to have a reliable process for disposing of information as a part of your information management strategy.

Our secure destruction services offer reliable and secure shredding services. We understand the importance of keeping confidential waste such as messages and records in paper and electronic documents, out of unwanted hands. We deliver simple, fuss free and effective secure shredding solutions with care.

We make it a priority to understand your business and provide detailed recommendations to develop reliable processes and policies for secure corporate information disposal.

Comprehensive and confidential collection and disposal

We’ll help you establish what should be securely disposed of and provide the means to do it. There’s no limit to the things we can accommodate, but there are common requests:

• Documents and charts (paper is destroyed)
• Magnetic media
• Redundant IT equipment (anything holding data is destroyed)
• Handsets and phones
• Uniforms
• Disused or faulty products

For immediate destruction of the most sensitive information on-site shredding is the practical and secure method. Our teams destroy data quickly and efficiently. Proof of destruction and a certificate is emailed after collection.

Comprehensive, confidential collection and disposal of data

You can’t apply the highest security standards to everything you no longer need, it’s impractical. We’ll help you establish what should be securely disposed of and provide you with the means to do it. With decades of experience in information management, there’s no limit to what we can dispose of securely, but there are common risk factors among data formats:

  • Important documents
  • Unused storage media
  • Redundant IT equipment
  • Handsets and phones
  • Disused or faulty products

Putting you in control

All our information disposal is audited, meaning you’ll be able to track destruction of something from your desk right until it reaches the facility, after which you’ll receive a proof of destruction certificate.

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