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are you keeping data unnecessarily

10 reasons why data is kept unnecessarily

There are many reasons why companies refuse to delete or destroy data, even if it’s of no use to them. They range from fear of deleting something valuable by mistake, to I’ll keep it just in case it’s useful in future.

  1. It might be needed in the future (assuming it can be found).
  2. Some unknown future insight can be found using future analytical technology.
  3. Regulations say so – but often it’s unknown which regulations or why.
  4. It’s never a priority to rectify the problem and take necessary actions.
  5. It’s unknown what can be deleted and what can’t – indicating data in the business is out of control and needs better management.
  6. It’s believed that keeping more data means it’s less likely to lose something.
  7. In case someone has a relevant questions to ask about the data in the future.
  8. The data management process is managed manually rather than automating it as much as possible.
  9. Keeping all data – when the relevant slices, samples or summaries will do.
  10. It’s mistakenly believed that data is like rare books and its monetary and nostalgic value might increase.

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