Why should I get rid of paper documents?

It’s time to let go of Reams of paper. With the digital universe currently doubling every two years, don’t let your company be left behind in the paper trail. Why should I get rid of paper documents?

The more paper you have, the more difficult it is to find what you need. The ease of instant retrieval through your computer, laptop, tablet or phone outweighs any benefit that paper documentation could have.

Storage costs

The physical space needed to store paper will add up and up throughout a company’s lifespan. With the price of rent and property space in cities increasing, this is a cost that can be avoided by digitizing paper. 


The benefits of not keeping paper

Apart from instant retrieval and no physical storage space required for digitized documents, there are other numerous benefits.

Collaboration – having scanned documents on hand to send is much faster than having to scan a document each time it has to be shared.

Access – Getting answers to questions and accessing knowledge is done via a computer nowadays, why should things be different and more difficult in the office?

Agility – More and more people are working outside of the office, paper records simply do not support this, unless you want a huge briefcase. 

Safety – this can be applied in terms of security and hazards. Data security is becoming more important and companies are required by law to protect client information. Therefore your scanned documents will be protected by new measures and any methods installed to control threats. Additionally, if there is a fire or a flood in the building, documents will be safely backed up, with no threat of losing them.

What can I scan? Absolutely anything! We’ve scanned a number of formats of hardcopy, files, photos and even X-rays to help our customers manage their information more efficiently.

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