Online Document Access & IT Integration

IT Integration of all your stored information through simple to use websites

Being in complete control of information seems an unattainable goal for many, yet with careful handling and processing of archived materials it is possible to make everything visible on the network. Crown’s secure web portal is convenient, accessible and gives you ultimate control over your information.

  • Availability –  24 hour desktop access from any internet-connected PC

  • Performance – Easy user queries, faster, accurate searching

  • Access – A consolidated system offers access to all file types or media

  • Management – Simpler logging service requests and reporting

Take the controls

RMWeb puts more power in your hands. Use it to manage users and account access, provide function access and to authorize orders with an overview of all your records. You can easily create user profiles with different access permissions to ensure your information is correctly managed.

Online shopping

Ordering physical or electronic media records from the archive couldn’t be easier. Simply add items as you find them to the shopping cart. Choose from a complete list of services to get your records delivered where and when you need them.

Simpler billing and financial audit tracking

Our invoicing interface makes billing and tracking transactions so much simpler for all the records you request, store, retain or destroy.

  • Delivers electronic invoices directly to your inbox

  • Provides full invoice history via a user-friendly web portal

  • Allows you to raise and track online queries and monitor payment information

Creating a customized link between your system and ours

Create better connections between your file room software and our records interface systems using, a cloud-based management system.

The results of integrating systems are real-time inventory updates, online orders and a view of records from a multitude of data sources. The software service, which works with widely used file room systems, creates an interface to documents, a bridge between the office and the records center. Data is secure and encrypted on the host servers and in transfer.

Links to your system and ours are managed in the cloud – in this instance, a secure, stable, 24-7 managed data center. A simple view of all records, makes for a more efficient records management system and saves time. It’s also so much easier for everyone to work in the same way.