Electronic invoices have been around since the early 90s and were introduced at Crown 15 years ago. However, the growing pace of technology and an increased passion for environmental issues are now combining to accelerate change.

Authored by Philip Britton, Group Vice President, Crown Records Management and an environmentalist with a PhD in environmental studies, this white paper explores the environmental myths of electronic invoicing as well as:

  • The real environmental credentials of electronic invoicing
  • The business benefits of electronic invoicing
  • Benefits for the issuer

We uncover how electronic invoicing was implemented across the world at Crown; asking staff from all over the world, in the U.K., North America, South East Asia and India, how their region has reacted, the benefits they’ve seen and future challenges. The desire to cling on to paper is stronger in some regions, whether that is because of local culture, government legislation or simply a reluctance to adopt new technology.

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