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A subsidiary of a global leader in optimized resource management

A subsidiary of a global leader in optimized resource management. The Client provides waste and energy management solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries. With the Client continues to expand their business, they need to store and manage hard-copy documents, files and boxes, they contacted Crown Records Management for a solution.

The challenge

The Client has a warehouse on the east side of Kowloon. They have been keeping physical records in different kinds of plastic boxes in the warehouse, which are not organized nor indexed, it left the Client struggling to categorize its documents efficiently before sending documents off-site.

The Client was clearing out their warehouse to expand their production workspace, so a quick turnaround was needed to conduct the repacking and indexing. They were looking for a supplier flexible enough, with sufficient experience in dealing with Hong Kong locations and owns high-level security records management centers.

The solution

The Client appointed Crown as its records management services supplier to manage 600 cartons. Our on-site teams helped the Client to identify ‘confidential’ and ‘non-confidential’ records. We guided the Client in packing the ‘confidential’ documents themselves, then our experts promptly collected all boxes and securely delivered them to Crown’s storing facility, where they were fully repacked and indexed within two weeks.

The results

The Client has a better knowledge of its documents and a greater confidence throughout the business. It provided a greater degree of customer satisfaction. The Client is very pleased with the short time frame where Crown was able to catalogue and store their documents.

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