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We are proud to announce a new global partnership between Crown Records Management and Knowledgeone Corporation. With Crown being one of the world’s most respected records management companies, and Knowledgeone a leader in information management solutions, this new partnership will further enhance the experience of customers undergoing digital transformation.

As the world shifts from less paper-based record keeping to digital storage, we provide the services customers need to make it simpler to manage their corporate memory in an ever-changing world. Together we’re committed to helping customers develop excellent standards for data governance, mitigating risks, managing cost and improving compliance.

Mona Lai, Group Head of Business Development, Crown Records Management – “We see a growing need for ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems from our customers, driven by ever-changing business and regulation requirements. Knowledgeone is known for their strength in information management applications and will enhance our Crown Records Management capability globally. This allows us to continue to provide seamless, all around solutions to our customers and give them the best experience throughout their digital transformation journey.”

Frank McKenna, CEO of Knowledgeone Corporation – “We have been working with Crown Records Management for some years and I am most pleased to announce a new Global Partnership whereby Crown will market Crown specific versions of Knowledgeone Corporation’s ECM products to its customers around the world. This includes all the products from the RecFind 6 Product Suite for both Cloud & On-Premise solutions as well as our new RF6Cloud products, RF6-RM and RF6-EDRMS. We absolutely could not have a better, more experienced or more competent partner than Crown; they are the leaders and standard bearers in the industry.”

Crown Records Management

Crown Records Management ( is a division of the Crown Worldwide Group, established in 1965 and headquartered in Hong Kong. Our philosophy is simplicity itself. Whether its storing and managing millions of documents, or providing information audits or workflow solutions, our goal is to remove the complexity. We look to make our customers’ lives simpler by integrating physical and electronic data assets. Crown’s new generation of facilities set the highest standards in security, safety and work-flow efficiency. In nearly 60 countries, we provide secure archiving and retrieval of information in physical and electronic format, as well as digital imaging, media management and data destruction. Crown Records Management gives organizations the “power of memory”.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Mona Lai

Knowledgeone Corporation

Knowledgeone Corporation ( has been providing secure, scalable and robust information management applications since 1984. Our solutions, now all based on RecFind 6, are installed all around the world in a multitude of industries including government, defense, manufacturing, banking, finance, education, health care and mining.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Frank McKenna

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