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Secure destruction

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secure data destruction


In most workplaces, we’re surrounded by paper, electronic documents, instant messages and other records.

This data pervasiveness also means it’s hard to destroy.

Difference between Data Destruction and Data Sanitisation

Data destruction is the process of destroying data stored on tapes, hard disks and other forms of electronic media so that it is completely unreadable and cannot be accessed or used for unauthorized purposes.

However, to ascertain that the data is truly gone and to comply with data protection standards, more effective practices like data sanitisation and erasure are required.

Data sanitisation goes beyond data destruction; it confirms the process of data deletion using accepted verification techniques and generates a certified, tamper-proof report. It has been demonstrated that sanitising a device or file makes the targeted data unrecoverable. Sanitisation is essential for extremely sensitive data to reduce the danger of unwanted data access.

Data sanitisation is frequently necessary for data protection and data privacy compliance in highly regulated businesses.

Data sanitisation may be accomplished using three different techniques: physical destruction (with verification), cryptographic erasure, and data erasure.

Each of these techniques works well; the approach you use should be determined by the device you’re cleaning, industry standards, adherence to data protection laws, and your level of risk tolerance. Many businesses decide to use all three strategies, either alone or in tandem.

Identifying and neutralising risk

Identifying the risks inherent to this sort of environment is vital. Crown’s breadth of knowledge and experience in this area gives us a unique insight into information security, as well as the increasingly strict legal landscape that surrounds proper disposal of data, especially on the shredding of confidential documents.

Our priority is to understand your business and then provide detailed recommendations which develop robust information disposal processes.


Comprehensive, confidential collection and disposal of data

You can’t apply the highest security standards to everything you no longer need, it’s impractical. We’ll help you establish what should be securely disposed of and provide you with the means to do it. With decades of experience in information management, there’s no limit to what we can dispose of securely, but there are common risk factors among data formats:

  • Important documents
  • Unused storage media
  • Redundant IT equipment
  • Handsets and phones
  • Disused or faulty products


Putting you in control

All our information disposal is audited, meaning you’ll be able to track destruction of something from your desk right until it reaches the facility, after which you’ll receive a proof of destruction certificate.

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