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Why Secure Paper Shredding is Important

Document shredding is as critical and imperative as safely maintaining and recording documents.

Organisations hold all forms of information when they interact with their customers.

It helps them serve their customers better while also following regulatory norms.

Financial institutions, banks and NBFCs are mandatorily required to store confidential documents whereas every organisation is required to store employee paperwork.

Organizational documents and records contain confidential and sensitive information which can be misused if not discarded carefully.

These include financial statements, marketing plans, employee identification papers, bills, invoices etc.

Safely disposing of these documents is vital to avoid frauds, unauthorized transactions, and information leaks.

Secure paper shredding ensures:

  • Compliance with the law– Organisations that hold critical customer or employee information have a responsibility to also dispose off confidential data. Several regulatory compliances make it mandatory to shred documents after maintaining them for a certain period and penalise for improper disposal.
  • Eliminating clutter and hazards– Storing records and corporate information in the form of documents, files and boxes take up a lot of space in the office or warehouse. Piles of paper cause clutter and can also increase the risk of fire.
  • Preventing data breach or identity thefts– Identification documents shared by employees or customers contain important information. It becomes the liability of the organisation to safely store and dispose them. Safely disposing such documents can avoid the risk of identity theft and unauthorized use of confidential data.
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Should You Get a Paper Shredder or Engage a Paper Shredding Service?

We may live in a digital age, but paper records are still abundant and aren’t going anywhere soon.

Government offices, non-commercial organizations, large corporations, small businesses, and private citizens alike make use of machines called shredders that cut paper into strips or fine pieces, which are then collected and recycled.

Whereas there are also paper shredding service providers who will take care of the entire shredding and recycling process.

Although paper documents need to be shredded, the question is whether you should buy a paper shredder or engage a paper shredding service?

Here are three reasons why we would suggest hiring a paper shredding service instead of buying a paper shredding:

  1. Expense in Labour and Maintenance– Making a one-time purchase and shredding the documents yourself may seem less expensive, but two costs-labour wages and maintenance, may not seem so apparent at first but may arise over time. If you buy a paper shredder you will also need to hire someone to operate it and take care of the recycling process. When you buy a shredder, you are also responsible for its maintenance, and as it wears and deteriorates it will require more downtime and repairs. With hiring a shredding service, the maintenance, repair and labour costs are covered. You get your documents shredded in a more cost-effective approach without having to worry about parts, repairs, downtime or security risks due to the downtime.
  2. More security– The documents to be shredded contain confidential information which can be seen by the person shredding it. Someone may also fail to shred certain documents, leaving your business open to internal conflict, theft or even a data breach. Secure paper shredding services ensure that your corporate information is disposed of under your vigilance, and upon completion of the shredding job, you receive a proof of destruction certificate.
  3. More environmentally friendly– An office shredder only produces small amounts of shredded paper making it too much hassle for recycling facilities to process. By going with a shredding service that naturally shreds and recycles large amounts of paper, your paper will be recycled helping your company be more environmentally friendly.

How can Crown’s Document Shredding Service help you?

Our destruction services offer compliant and secure shredding services. We understand the importance of confidential data disposal.

At the end of its life cycle, proper disposal of corporate information is critical to ensure compliance and to protect corporate interests. We deliver simple and effective secure shredding solutions including secure confidential bins to customers and set up collection and bin rotation schedules.

We make it a priority to understand your business and provide detailed recommendations to develop compliant processes and policies for the secure and confidential disposal of corporate information.

Our services also include E-waste and IT asset disposal and hardcopy destruction along with secure paper shredding service.

All our information disposal is audited, meaning you’ll be able to track the destruction of something from your desk right until it reaches the facility, after which you’ll receive proof of destruction certificate.

We are an extraordinary and purposeful business committed to making it simpler for our clients to live, work and do business anywhere in the world.

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