Ever wondered what Secure Destruction actually is?

With over 50 years’ experience in information management, we understand organizations’ security and legal necessities.Ever wondered what Secure Destruction actually is? Part of the process is correct waste handling and confidential destruction. Our secure destruction service incorporates every stage of an information cycle, from collection to transportation, storing and servicing, to final destruction.

Here’s some questions and answers to help you understand.

What is secure destruction?

Secure destruction is the process of destroying information on tapes, disks, paper documents, graphs and other forms of electronic and physical storage. Information destruction is to the point that it is completely unreadable and cannot be accessed or used for unauthorized purposes. When electronic data is deleted, it is no longer readily accessible by the operating system. However, deleting a file is not enough; data destruction programs must be used to ensure data is considered irretrievable.

Why is secure destruction important?

Protecting your personnel, your customers and your corporate reputation from an information breach or loss is now a legal matter. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (EGDPR) is fast approaching, and enforcement of the regulation will come into effect in Spring 2018. This means that companies will face even harsher penalties for compromising client data. This makes securing data, and the destruction of data even more important. Furthermore, with the digital universe currently doubling every two years, many businesses are in danger of becoming overwhelmed by the data generated. The key to good data governance is being able to identify early what is a record and what is data noise. The rest needs to be destroyed – and if its sensitive information, destroyed securely.

How is security ensured? 

At every stage of the process from collection to transportation to final destruction, your information will be protected. If required, waste sacks, locked consoles, bins or containers can be provided onsite to safely store information before collection. Collections are undertaken by trained and vetted staff. Here at Crown Records Management our centers are secure and access is restricted to authorized personnel only. After your materials have been destroyed, we issue proof and a legal certificate of destruction.

What can I have destroyed?

Secure destruction services are not limited to paper documents. Things like documents and charts, magnetic media, redundant IT equipment, phones and handsets, uniforms and disused or faulty products are just some of the items you can also destroy. We offer the same level of security for the disposal of electronic data and other identifiable or security-sensitive materials. There’s no limit to the things we can accommodate, but there are common requests.

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