Indonesia reaches one million SCEs

Crown Indonesia is now a proud member of the Crown Records Management one million SCEs (Standard Carton Equivalents) Club.

Indonesia reaches one million SCEs
    Rike Rivanny celebrates with Crown's sales and operations teams

It joins the distinguished group as member number seven!

Not only has the branch succeeded in achieving a significant growth in cartons, but it has also excelled in operational quality.

Martin Cole, Indonesia Country Manager, commented, “Some of our recent and very large contracts require huge amounts of dedication, accuracy and organization. One example is a client that sends us 240,000 document inserts per month. I’m proud to say the Indonesia staff make it look easy.”

In Jakarta, the Division Manager, Rike Rivanny, celebrated with the teams by cutting a cake and making a toast to their success. Rike said: "The records sales and operations teams have worked together and combined their diligence and hard work to make this possible.”

Philip Britton, Group Vice President of Crown Records Management, stated, “This is a fantastic achievement only made possible by the hard work and dedication of the teams in Indonesia. They scored high in the recent Corporate Quality Survey sent out to all clients and are always right up at the top with their Records Management Total QUEST Quality scores – each quarter we measure our branches against a number of different quality criteria. I know they have put in a lot of effort and time to ensure these results. Congratulations to Indonesia on reaching this milestone!”