Resistance to a paperless push?

There are many reasons organizations are implementing Document Management Software (DMS) to replace traditional paper filing systems, from superior organization and security to increased productivity and profitabilityResistance to a paperless push?. However while many anticipate the paperless office presents a win-win equation for both businesses and their customers, uptake is stalled in many industries as different inherent barriers prevent what seems to be a natural migration.

In a recent article published on Image and Data Manager, the delays in uptake for some industries are discussed. One industry in particular is the Legal sector.

Crown’s John Culkin, Director of Information Services, offers his opinion on this sector’s resistance to the change: “Often a Lawyer’s belief and professional pride is the reason for the delay. Their disbelief stems from a lack of good examples from theirs and many pioneering legal firms. The paperless office is usually based on cultural and habitual traits and Lawyers don’t want to believe much of their work is transactional. For example, a U.K. law firm carrying out work for a large house builder believed that the conveyancing process could not possibly be changed from the manual paper based process. In practice, 80 per cent of cases are largely transactional and could be easily routed through a document management system. Paralegals could have handled the main exceptions and possibly only five per cent required printing and the time of a lawyer. Lawyers may not have faith in a paperless office, but underlying this is that they believe their role or status will be diminished, when in reality it will free them up from mundane work to focus on the more intellectually challenging and higher fee earning work.”

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