Three tips to building the perfect policy

Maintaining security protocols and adhering to industry regulations is a task that many organizations struggle with.

Where to start? Focus on the following basics!

1. Easy access to your information

Many users still experience problems with their content management systems, finding it hard to locate then access the right information at the right time – both inevitably impacts on their daily activities. 

However, productivity and regulatory compliance are not the enemies. Analyze your current content repository and remember that uploading, retrieving and managing content should be a simple process!

2. Mobility versus accessibility 

In a global and technological world, organizations should consider how their employees access certain information using mobile devices or laptops, without compromising the security of the organization. 

3. Establish workflows

To ensure productivity while abiding to the government regulations, define clear processes. Train your employees on the organizations workflows, so everyone knows the complete process. This will help them be more productive and allows them to follow the established security protocols. 

For help creating your company’s policy, speak to your local Crown Records Management team.