Turn the page in 2018


The new year is a time to start fresh, to set goals and to aspire for more. You’ve probably already decided that this January you’re going to go to that soul cycle class and finally use your juicer, but have you thought about new year resolutions for the office? Here are some top CRM employee collecting documents from an office. records management solutions to make your document processes more efficient and ensure your business is ready for 2018. 

Out with the old

Are you actually keeping track of your documents? Have you kept them beyond their retention period? If so, you need a document destruction service. We can remove and destroy your documents for you or bring equipment to your place of work for on-site destruction. 

Ditch the filing cabinet 

Stop dedicating expensive office floor space to a dying format. If you still need to keep paper documents for legal or compliance reasons, get them out of the office and on to a shelf in one of our warehouses. You can get your files back in a matter of hours if you need them as every single one is barcoded and simple to track down. Once you’ve found a new, cheaper home for the files, dedicate that office space to something that’s going to improve your working life; how about a ping-pong table? 

Don’t become obsolete 

Time and the tide of the digital revolution waits for no man. It seems like yesterday we were typing up memorandums in Word Perfect and marveling at how much data we could burn onto a CD. The programs required to read data and the formats we save it in are changing all the time. Stay ahead of the curve by signing up to our active preservation service (in partnership with Preservica) and make sure the data your business needs is always at yours and your future colleague’s fingertips. 

Ask for help when you need it 

The Internet of Things generates a constant stream of data. If you’re struggling with too much information in too many different versions and formats, you need an information audit from our experts. Our in-depth analysis will help to understand where data’s being generated and consumed in your business. Once you’ve got a handle on the natural flow of documents, you can start to make processes more efficient and get your data under control.  

Finally, and most crucially, get ready for GDPR

Organizations worldwide are using GDPR as justification to do things they’ve wanted to do for years, but could never get budget for. Sorting out information management is never usually at the top of the agenda in board meetings, but GDPR has put it front and center of people’s thinking. After all, fines of 17 million pounds or four percent of global turnover does tend to get attention. It’s true that most organizations are getting their house in order just because of the regulation, but the end result will enable organizations to work much more efficiently as they’ll know exactly what information they’ve got and where it is. If you need help with GDPR readiness, talk to our teams. 
Look at our services to find out more about how we could help you prepare your workplace for the fresh challenges of the coming year.