US Federal Laws, Policy and Regulations for Managing Government Records

Every industry has its own set of rules governing how to manage information, the same goes for government records. Many of the following laws and regulations overlap consumer-based corporations, healthcare and financial institutions and any of other business that inevitably has data and information that needs to stay safe and secure.

The resources on this page include information on Federal Records Management laws that must be followed when managing government records. These laws and regulations will provide guidance on how to develop policies and procedures to ensure effectiveness of your records management program.

United States Code

Code of Federal Regulations

Regulation, Risk and compliance – be in the know

Regulation, risk and compliance have come to be the focus of many government administrative departments in nearly every industry. Amid ongoing changes, disruptions and uncertainty, most laws and regulations will only increase. More requirements—and the obligation to keep up with them all—could potentially have a crippling impact on the performance of businesses.

How can you reduce the burden of regulation? Seek simplification in ever-increasing complexity? Or just do more with less?

Crown Records Management helps you to tackle the difficulties of financial services information management. We’ve done so for years, assisting in the design of systems and processes that make life and information more manageable.

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