WannaCry: How to protect your data against unpredictable cyberattack?

Like the money you save regularly, sending data off-site is an insurance against unpredictable cyberattack. The result of a recent major ransomware “WannaCry”, which is described as one of the worst and most wide-spread pieces of malware ever. So far, it has costed businesses billions of dollars both in damage and as a consequence of keeping essential documents on their computers with no digital backup.  

Don’t cry, back up now 
When people think about a cybercrime aftermath, backing up data or off-site storage would usually spring to mind. What’s often not considered is the importance of keeping a second copy of every file. Back up for the backup. Cyberattack recovery may have significant financial impact to your business and furthermore may disrupt normal business operation. 

How can you protect your business?
If you haven’t backed up your data, do it right away. We can advise you to establish detailed back-up rotation to ensure your data is stored in optimum and secured conditions. Speak to our experts or email us now.