Digital Services for HR professionals

Because some things you need in an instant.

Control & easy access to employee documents is a priority for many HR professionals. It can often be very time consuming to find important HR documents when you need it, as information can be easily misplaced.

We understand, and we can help.

By managing and storing all information through our software with a Google-like interface, you will be able to find them in a matter of seconds or minutes which in turn will give you better control and easy access to your information. We can combine your digital with your physical and transfer hard copy to soft copy too.

What makes us different?

  • Our data redaction solution is at pixel level, which means your sensitive data is fully removed.
  • The software gives you ease of accessibility and allows you to manage compliance all at the same time – not many software’s can do both.

Why use our expertise?

  • Accessibility: Ease of fulfilment for a subject access request. You can do this in a matter of seconds. Saving time and money! It enables you to find information you need in seconds from a single point of truth. Gain easy access to information, find what you need quickly.
  • Data Security: This software manages compliance and data security as well as your information. It also provides an advanced document redaction solution for irreversibly removing confidential and sensitive information. This ensures that no data privacy or security laws are breached.

How can we help you reach your goals?

  • Manage control and accessibility to your HR records
  • Fulfilment for subject access request in a quick and timely manner
  • Be more time efficient through instant access to HR records
  • Operational efficiency leading to increased productivity & automate workflows
  • Manage your data security
  • Understand what data you have and the latest version and avoiding duplication of documents, such as HR contracts and employee files
  • Software is personalised towards your organisation, based on your risk assessment
  • Patent management – managing sensitive information and content retention policy