“How is regulation helping to shape financial trading and the packaging of data, and what does all of this mean for the future of financial institutions themselves?”

Financial institutions are accruing exponentially more data with every passing year. From banks to brokerages, the sheer volume of this data can be difficult to manage. How do financial organizations ensure compliance, and how are they turning some of this data into new revenue streams?

Running alongside this, financial institutions increasingly generate huge amounts of data, some of it extremely valuable. How is this data being used in a financial context to act as another revenue stream, and what are some of the emerging conflicts over its ownership?

This white paper explores the:

  • Regulation and litigations, with a focus on MiFID II its impact both within Europe and globally
  • Ownership and IPR around data. Financial institutions are increasingly packaging and selling data, but who does this data ultimately belong to?
  • The key features that mark out a successful data-driven business

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